La revolución de los contratos

“El pasado 7 de abril, una estrella mundial como Kevin de Bruyne renovó con el Manchester City de la mano de su padre, un abogado y dos analistas. Ni rastro de representantes. Una medida antinatural dentro de un mundo del fútbol plagado de agentes desde hace 40 años. De Bruyne pudo mostrarle al City, a través...

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How Premier League Stars Can Use Statistics To Boost Their Careers

“As the end of the season approaches, many Premier League players will be thinking of the next steps in their career, whether that’s moving to a new club or signing a new contract. But with money tighter than normal following a season-and-a-half of empty stadiums, players might need to...

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Inside De Bruyne’s data report: Sancho comparison and impact of playmaker’s possible City exit crucial to new deal

“You probably didn’t sense it, but the tectonic plates upon which the foundations of how transfers and contract negotiations within football take place shifted slightly this week. “It’s rare the news of a player signing a new contract or moving to a new team will cause such a disturbance....

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