In the press: Messi’s walking for FiveThirtyEight

In June, I managed to fulfil something of a personal dream of mine and write for FiveThirtyEight about Messi’s walking as a phenomenon. The piece was based largely on research by Luke Bornn, who has been described as the “high priest” of sports analytics, and Javier Fernandez, who works...

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In the press: Goal-stopping for the Ringer

In February, I wrote a piece for the Ringer called “David De Gea Shouldn’t Be This Good“. The piece is about the effect of the Spaniard on Manchester United this season, almost single-handedly dragging them into 2nd place. Goalkeepers play an almost completely different sport to their team-mates, and...

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In the Press: Goal-scoring for the Ringer

In January, I wrote a piece for the Ringer called “Raheem Sterling Proves That Everything You Know About Goal-Scoring Is Wrong”. The piece is about the making of a consistent goal-scorer in elite football and what is most important. Using an augmentation of a traditional expected goals model, inspired by...

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