Piotr Wawrzynów Joins Analytics FC

Analytics FC are pleased to announce that Piotr Wawrzynów has joined the company as Senior Coach Analyst and Data Consultant.

Piotr first came to our attention through his work profiling coaches in football. After looking at the extensive work that is done profiling football players, he noticed that there was very little comparable analysis being done on coaching staff. Building a dashboard that allowed him to distinguish coach playstyles, plot the success or failure of an individual against their peers, and track the careers of coaches through the numbers, Piotr had developed models that were far in advance of the commercially available alternatives.

Piotr will continue his work on coach profiling at Analytics FC as we extend our services to include Coach ID, a data-driven head coach profiling and search service for owners and executives. However, his expertise will be utilised across the company’s consultancy service range.

“We were amazed when we came across Piotr’s work,” said Jeremy Steele, the CEO of Analytics FC. “In his spare time, he had basically developed models that could be implemented within our suite of tools without too much work. Reinforcing his well-developed algorithms with our own football business models, we are able to produce more complete profiles of head coaches.

“By extending our services to include coach profiling with Coach ID, Analytics FC is at the forefront of the industry in terms of coach recruitment. Piotr has been fundamental to this process.”

“When I first began bringing my two hobbies together—football and data—I never expected that it could lead to me being hired in the industry,” Piotr said. “I cannot wait to start working with Analytics FC and I’m really looking forward to bringing the Coach ID services and products to our customers.”

A software developer by day and a data analyst by night, Piotr is currently working towards a Masters degree in AI & Data Analysis.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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