Beyond Performance Metrics: TransferLab Now Includes Player Salary Data

Following the successful launch of TransferLab v3, we continue our programme of on-going developments with the integration of Salary data into TransferLab in partnership with football finance specialists Capology.

In addition to our groundbreaking Goal Difference Added Algorithm and the innovative Club Strength+ data model, we are excited to announce yet another leap forward in player scouting sophistication.

Salary Data

Salary data in the world of football has long been a challenging terrain to navigate, but it is absolutely crucial to making informed decisions about player acquisition and valuations.

Capology’s robust methodology and comprehensive dataset, which uses a network of insiders directly involved in contract negotiations to and leverages advanced algorithms, provides a best estimate of player salaries. The data now covers 40+ leagues and growing. Inside TransferLab each player has a salary value and an indication as to whether the value is verified, or derived from an algorithm, ensuring full transparency for users.

While the accuracy of salary data can vary, especially early in the season, Capology’s data boasts impressive levels of verification. For instance, in the Premier League, over 90% of salaries are typically verified, with numbers rising further post-Summer or January transfer window. Last season, 96.7% of salaries were verified post-window, highlighting the reliability of the data.

Another Step Forward

The integration of Salary data into TransferLab marks a significant advancement in our platform’s capabilities. By incorporating comprehensive salary information alongside our cutting-edge performance metrics, TransferLab empowers users with unparalleled insights into player evaluation and scouting.

Salary data allows users to get a better understanding of the potential value and costs associated with player acquisition. It allows for better comparison of similar players, and adds another key level of detail to the information available on TransferLab.

Combining this with our Goal Difference Added algorithm gives users an unparalleled ability to calculate the Cost vs Goal Difference impact that a player could have if transferred to the target club. Clubs can finally begin to measure their transfers in a truly “moneyball” approach.

These development, alongside our Club Strength+ data model, introduced earlier in the year, further improves TransferLab’s capacity to provide market-leading recruitment and player monitoring insights.

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