Get Ready for the Best Ever Version of TransferLab

We have exciting news today as we launch of TransferLab v3, the next evolution of our flagship football data scouting software.

TransferLab, developed in association with LCP and powered by our proprietary Goal Difference Added (GDA) model, is a market-leading platform. The platform is in use across the professional game by both men’s and women’s clubs, and includes over 100,000 players and 130 leagues across both versions.

We are always seeking ways to improve performance and insight, though, and that is why we have been working hard on this new instantiation of TransferLab.

Inside v3

So, what differences can you expect from TransferLab v3 to begin with?

Super-fast new interface: Optimising the speed of the system was a big goal of ours and the third version of TransferLab has achieved this.

“Club Strength+” (Global Rankings and Player Adjustments): In short, instead of league/tier adjusted player metrics as we previously had, adjustments are now based on team strength. This adds greater sophistication and exactness to tier scores and player comparisons. Keep an eye out in the next few days for an article we’ll be dropping on this exciting development.

Upgraded Goal Difference Added model: The model is now up to 20% more predictive (depending on the position). The video below explains the GDA model and how powerful it can be in player ID and performance prediction.

What’s next?

TransferLab v3 has launched already, so all users will see these benefits and changes immediately, but we aren’t stopping there. We will be dropping further updates step by step in the coming weeks, with loads of additional functionality, further refinements in the model, and new metrics. Further updates include:

Benchmark Module: An entirely new module focused on our Age Curve 2.0 model, with forecasts of future players’ performance, transfer value, and salary expectation over their careers as well as highlighting peak performance stats.

Player Salary Data: As a first step, we’ll be incorporating salary data from financial data providers, Capology. This data covers 30+ leagues and has clear and robust data collection methodology. However, we’ll be quickly deploying a model which estimates player salaries across every one of our 100,000+ players and 100+ leagues.

Our new “Trends” Module: an assessment and comparison of players in any metric over any time period to better analyse player performance and progression.

Per match player GDA scores: This will really aid the player assessment process by allowing you to monitor game-by-game player performance and identify players who are performing highly and which opponents they are performing well against.

In addition, later in the year there will be further updates including Global Transfer Value Data covering all 110+ Leagues, Global Salary Data covering all 110+ Leagues, and a Transfer Simulation module.

If you want to learn more about the platform contact us here, or book a free trial of the by clicking here.

TransferLab is a cutting–edge software solution developed and run in a unique collaboration between Analytics FC and financial and business analysts Lane Clark & Peacock (LCP). TransferLab uses event data from over 100 men’s and 20 women’s leagues from around the world covering around 100,000 male and 20,000 female players. It uses advanced analytics to assess each player’s past performance and help predict their future performance. The TransferLab Player Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

Find out more about us, or get in touch if you have a question!

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