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Analytics FC Head of Content Alex Stewart attended the London Youth ‘Unlock Your Potential’ event last Tuesday at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club. The event was designed to give young people from across the capital access to industry experts, who could provide insight on their sector of the sports industry, including which roles exist, pathways into work, and advice on personal branding.

London Youth is a charity that works with a huge network of youth groups across London to help young people gain the skills and opportunities they need to prosper. By strengthening and supporting these youth groups, London Youth empowers and champions young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, creating vital opportunities for and inspiring young people across the sports, arts, and culture sectors.

Analytics FC’s Alex Stewart gave presentations to three different groups, drawn from youth centres across London, about working with data in the sports sector. Drawing on his experience both at Analytics FC and as a presenter and producer at Tifo Football and The Athletic, Alex spoke about data analytics and data journalism, including tips on how to progress in both fields, what skills and qualifications might be needed, and how to grow a professional network.

There was also a group participation task, where young people could access data and make decisions about which centre forward they should sign. This got them thinking about which questions to ask of the data, what information was needed to make a good choice (and what was lacking), and how best to present the information to a variety of possible audiences.

Alex said, “It was a hugely rewarding experience. The sports sector can be a tough industry to get into, but the passion and insight of the young people was really impressive and inspiring and left me in no doubt that the future of the industry is in safe hands. It is always exciting to talk about what opportunities exist in our sector, especially at a time of so much growth and change, and I hope that at least some of the young people present came away feeling that if they want to pursue a career in sports data, it’s a very realistic and exciting opportunity for them.”

“It’s a real privilege to be asked to take part in such events and work with brilliant organisations like London Youth and people like Rebekah [Keane] and Radhika [Kalia]”, Alex continued. “I am really proud that Analytics FC is in a position to be able to share insights and expertise with such a great group of people.”

Rebekah Keane, Sport & Culture Manager for London Youth, added, “It was truly inspiring to have Alex from Analytics FC join us for our ‘Unlock Your Potential’ event. The event aimed to encourage young people to pursue careers in sports and to focus on building their personal brand. Alex’s workshop was a game-changer for many of the attendees, who were able to look at numbers, data, and statistics in a whole new light. Working with Alex in the lead-up to the event was a pleasure, and we’re truly grateful for the knowledge and expertise he brought to the table. We’re excited to collaborate with Alex and Analytics FC again in the future!”

You can find out more about London Youth, and how you can support their vital work, by accessing their website here.

All photos courtesy of London Youth

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