Analytics FC in the Media: Brexitball coverage continues

Analytics FC’s Brexit report continues to be a resource for media organisations seeking to understand the complexity of the transfer market since the introduction of GBE rules.

This piece, from the Yorkshire Evening Post, quoted Analytics FC’s Brexitball expert Andy Watson on the Javi Gracia situation. Citing our report, Andy said, “What I referred to in the Brexitball document is that the documentation doesn’t seem to be as firmly applied in managerial cases… I think that the FA and Home Office take into account that a managerial life span is quite short, especially in the modern world. And therefore getting two years continuous is pretty tricky actually. So a spell like Gracia’s will probably be looked upon favourably.”

And this piece, from The Mirror and about Andrey Santos, cites our research when addressing the complexity of finding loan moves for young players hoping to develop within the English game having transferred from abroad.

This media coverage follows a significant number of articles when we released the report, which you can find details of here. It shows that Analytics FC’s work in this area continues to be relevant, and our comprehensive review should be considered essential reading for everyone involved professional football including governing bodies, clubs, players, and representatives.

The report, authored with leading law firm Fragomen LLP, breaks down key findings by analysing market trends and effects across the Men’s and Women’s game, including young players and coaching staff. You can download the report completely free by clicking here.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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