Analytics FC in the Media: Brexitball Research gets global coverage

Analytics FC found itself featured across a range of global media over the past month. The catalyst was the publication of an independent report uncovering the true impact of immigration regulations on the UK football market introduced post-Brexit.

The report is the first of its kind and focuses upon the Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) regulations introduced for the transfer market in England and Scotland.

The Athletic‘s coverage led with the Premier League’s reported opposition to the Brexit regulations, and dove into our report’s findings to suggest why that might be the case. With the Premier League’s 20 clubs apparently “unanimous in their calls to see rules relaxed”, The Athletic drew extensively on Analytics FC’s report and spoke to co-author Andy Watson for the piece.

The Athletic followed up with a deep dive on Scotland’s exemption panel differences which also cited the report in detail, while Andy Watson spoke with the excellent NTT20 podcast, which covers the EFL in detail, to talk about GBE’s impact on those leagues.

Spanish national news outlet, El Mundo, also utilised our Brexitball research to analyse in more the detail the trend of Spain becoming a key exporter of coaches to England with Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta, Unai Emery and Julen Lopetegui plying their trade in the Premier League. They ask the question: Why does the Premier League want Spanish coaches?

City A.M. focussed on the suggestion that Brexit has not helped British-born players play more minutes in the Premier League. The report showed that while more British players had been used in the Premier League, the number of minutes played had decreased. This was not the case in the Championship.

The comprehensive review should be considered essential reading for everyone involved professional football including governing bodies, clubs, players, and representatives. It breaks down key findings by analysing market trends and effects across the Men’s and Women’s game, including young players and coaching staff.

You can download the report completely free by clicking here

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