Analytics FC in the Media: Alex Greenwood Signature Report

Analytics FC’s Signature service was the focus of an excellent, long article in The Athletic, describing how England and Manchester City star Alex Greenwood used the service during her contract negotiations.

Signature, which has also been used by Kevin De Bruyne, employs advanced data techniques and Analytics FC’s unique algorithms to provide a holistic assessment of player value. We look at player impact, market value, salary benchmarking, and run projected scenarios to give players, agents, and clubs a robust assessment of value.

CEO Jeremy Steele said, “Players have become so much more savvy with regards to “taking control” of their data. One of the key things, which often gets overlooked, is the engagement from players in these projects. Of course, the focus is on their own career so there is a motivation to really get stuck in and ask questions. But, as with other players we’ve worked with, Alex Greenwood really knew her stuff. Her ability to grasp the numbers and communicate what she was looking for from from the research was really impressive.”

Sam Stapleton, CEO of Rept Sports, said, “We were excited to work with Analytics FC on this project. Alex is a huge advocate of data and we felt this was a crucial component of assessing her next career steps. The Signature service was ideally suited and gave us the depth of insight we needed; we are delighted with the result.”

You can read the full article by Charlotte Harpur for The Athletic here.

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