Analytics FC in the Media: Premier League clubs turn to UK managers following Brexit

CEO and founder Jeremy Steele spoke to Charles Walker at the Daily Mail last week about some surprising trends hitting British Football. In two articles published in the UK based newspaper the focus was upon the coaching talent coming through in the UK and the impact that Brexit has had upon the increased opportunities for domestic coaches.

The first article begins: “Premier League clubs have turned to British managers following Brexit, as rules restrict overseas recruitment and the number of highly-qualified, high-quality English coaches increases”.

“It appears to be a Brexit effect.” Steele pointed out. “We don’t know where that trend will go, it may come back up again. But Rob Edwards going all the way from Forest Green Rovers [crowned League Two champions last season] to Watford [who have been relegated from the Premier League] is a big sign.”

The article highlights that “according to data from Analytics FC, less than 20 per cent of Premier League managers were from outside the UK in 2007. That figure peaked at around 65 per cent in 2019, but it has now fallen back to 50 per cent”.

The article also picked up on key finding such as the fact that “Since 2012, the number of coaches working in the English academy system has increased from 250 to 800. So, there are more homegrown coaches to choose from”.

’The pathway is much clearer for English coaches,’ added Steele. ‘And if the trend away from overseas coaches continues, the [domestic] talent is there to back it up.’

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The second article, published by the Daily Mail turned it’s eye to which up and coming EFL coaches were the ones to keep an eye on. Using Analytics FC’s Coach ID models to pick out the biggest talents, the article sheds some light on The EFL manager’s who deserve a shot at the big time.

‘Investment into academy football in terms of coach development, is off the scale,’ said Jeremy Steele. ‘The pathway is much clearer and the talent is there. These coaches have taken teams and made them better. They deserve a chance in a higher league. They have earned a shot.’

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In the course of the conversations, Steele showcased our Coach ID service, designed to help clubs find suitable candidates should they require a managerial change.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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