Northampton Town Sign Up With Analytics FC

Analytics FC are delighted to announce that Northampton Town are the latest club to sign up to our market leading data services.

Currently sitting third in League Two, Northampton Town recently announced the club are looking at a more data-driven model to enhance the club’s recruitment to continue their excellent recent progress.

Club chairman Kelvin Thomas has been clear about how he wants the club to use data to continue to move forward: “We want to ensure as a club we take a bit more control over the process and also be a bit more data-driven,” he said. “That includes even looking at our own players and their performances levels. It’ll be about defining what our playing philosophy will be and what type of players we want to bring in.”

The collaboration will see Northampton Town accessing both TransferLab and Virtual Scout services. The combination will provide the club with cutting-edge data scouting software as well as high-quality, super-fast video scouting capacity.  Both services incorporate a number of cutting edge algorithms, and will be a big step forward for the Cobblers.

Northampton Town’s Head of Strategic and Recruitment Analysis, Alex Latimer, is positive about the club’s partnership with Analytics FC. “This is a very modern, cutting edge approach and allow us to operate a fully functional data analytics department which many clubs at this level would not be able to do,” he said.

“Signing up to TransferLab and Virtual Scout allows us to lean on Analytics FC’s resources and expertise to allow us to integrate data insights into our own recruitment process.”

CEO and founder of Analytics FC, Jeremy Steele, was equally positive about the news. “At Analytics FC, we love working with clubs who recognise the obvious upsides that using data in their processes can have. We look forward to collaborating with the guys at Northampton Town and helping them achieve the success they’ve targeted through their more data-driven approach.”

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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