Analytics FC in the Media: Profiles TransferLab

This week, – one of the premier outlets covering women’s football – profiled TransferLab on their website.

You can read the full article here.

In the article, Jen O’Neill sets out the situation for data analysis in the women’s game, concluding that “Women’s football is in desperate need of its own data revolution.”

She then takes us through TransferLab to demonstrate how it works, breaking down the mechanics of the platform and pulling out a couple of players’ profiles to show us how it looks in practice.

O’Neill concludes: “Across the history of football, there is a long tradition of women using data to analyse the beautiful game. You only need to think of Mariela Nisotaki at Norwich, Sarah Rudd at Arsenal and Lucy Rushton at Atlanta United. But without access to top quality data, algorithms or platforms in women’s football, these analysts have had to restrict themselves to working in the men’s game.

“TransferLab is the first platform dedicated to data scouting in the women’s game. Let’s hope that it will provide a foundation for the data revolution in women’s football.”

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