Analytics FC in the Media: Jeremy Steele Interview with the Liverpool Echo

This week, Analytics FC CEO, Jeremy Steele, was interviewed by the Liverpool Echo for a piece exploring Liverpool FC’s use of data in the transfer market.

Speaking to Dave Powell, the Echo’s Business of Football Writer, Steele said:

“If you have a bad transfer window it can be the difference between winning the league and not. If you have a bad three transfer windows then your club is going to struggle in the Premier League.

“Liverpool have firepower to spend but I think they adopt this strategy out of necessity. The Mohamed Salah transfer, obviously, was genius, as was Virgil van Dijk. A lot of people would have questioned those beforehand I think, but that is where the data gave them more confidence.”

He went on to talk about the way that models—like the Markov chain model that TransferLab uses—can help football clubs interpret the data to find value within the transfer market.

You can read the full interview here.

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