Analytics FC in the Media: Assessing the Head Coach Market in Poland

With several partner clubs in Poland already, Analytics FC is no stranger to the Polish footballing landscape. And so when journalist Szymon Janczyk wanted some insight on the recent coaching moves at Lech Poznan, he turned to Analytics FC again.

Janczyk previously interviewed Head of Content Alex Stewart and Stal Rzeszów’s director of football Jaroslaw Fojut about the club’s partnership with Analytics FC, and is one of the most insightful voices in Polish football journalism.

Janczyk, as well as providing some excellent background on the club’s situation, used our Coach ID service to profile incoming head coach Niels Frederiksen, as well as previous incumbents Maciej Skorza and John van den Brom.

Using our Coach ID principle wheels, Janczyk was able to explain the predominant styles of each of the coaches, examine the differences between their play against stronger and weaker sides, and compare how the coaches relate to each in terms of key aspects of their play, including deep build-up and pressing:

An excerpt of the piece, translated from Polish, courtesy of

Alex guided Szymon through each of the wheels, explaining the varying style facets of each coach, and Szymon contextualised this with information about other drivers in the hiring process, such as transfer business or use of younger players (all of which form part of the Coach ID ‘deep dive’ report).

The piece brilliantly showed the value of data in the coaching process. It also demonstrated why teams’ awareness of their criteria, in terms not just of style but also player trading, youth development, and other factors, when combined with data, can provide the most effective and comprehensive approach to head coach recruitment.

You can read the full piece here. To find out more about our Coach ID service, contact Analytics FC.

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