Analytics FC Featured On Flagship French Football Show

Canal+ Sport recently broadcast an episode of their flagship football show, Canal Foot Manager, during which presenter Gauthier Kuntzmann delved into the various applications of data in football.

Analytics FC’s CEO Jeremy Steele was interviewed about our market-leading Signature service, which leverages data insights to maximise the value that our clients can gain in sporting, commercial, and legal negotiations. This kind of complex, bespoke data use is of increasing appeal to a range of stakeholders across the sporting landscape.

Analytics FC have led the way, with our landmark first project with Kevin De Bruyne shifting “the tectonic plates upon which the foundations of how transfers and contract negotiations within football take place”, as The Athletic described it.

Steele explained how, in the case of De Bruyne, Analytics FC was able to link his sporting objectives to those of the clubs and, using a complex mix of financial and performance data, to arrive at an objective assessment to De Bruyne’s value to Manchester City, and the potential cost (financial and in terms of performance) of replacing him. As Steele says, “It’s not just statistics, it’s not just what’s happened in the past; it’s about building algorithms that can predict the future.”

During the show, Gauthier also spoke to Damien Comolli about the project at Toulouse, Stats Perform about data collection, and Brighton CEO Paul Barber about running a data-driven club. The whole show is available on the Canal+ website.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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