Analytics FC and Ankura Announce Alliance to Deliver Pioneering Football Investor Services

Analytics FC, the market-leading football data insights company, and Ankura Consulting Group, an independent global expert services and advisory firm, have announced an exciting new alliance to provide 360 degree services in the area of football club investment.

This is the first time that such services have been available under one umbrella, bringing together experts across a range of key sporting, financial and governance.

Football has become a focal point for an increasing number of investors, ranging from high net worth individuals to family offices, Private Equity, and Venture Capital firms; this is especially the case with investments in European football clubs. This heightened interest underscores the demand for expert guidance and a holistic approach, precisely what this unique collaboration between Analytics FC and Ankura intends to fulfill.

Analytics FC already has a strong history of work in the field, with its ‘Acquisition’ service providing data insights and expert-led assessment of clubs’ footballing qualities, sporting infrastructure, and strategy.

Ankura is a world-leading advisory firm with expertise in financial risk analysis, due diligence, and dispute resolution.

The close co-operation, which brings together Ankura’s financial insights and Analytics FC’s sporting insights, will provide clients in the increasingly complex world of club acquisition a 360 degree, start-to-finish service.

From market-mapping and exploratory investigation, to assessments of sporting strength and financial due diligence, to post-acquisition dispute resolution and a footballing strategy roadmap, Analytics FC and Ankura can take a client through the entire club acquisition process.

Clients will also be able to leverage Analytics FC’s ongoing support, with a variety of cutting-edge analytical tools at their disposal as they take the club forward.

Analytics FC CEO Jeremy Steele said, “We are very excited to be working with Ankura in this rapidly expanding sector, where our expertise and theirs create a real synergy to drive value and provide insights for our clients. Working with Ankura will add enormous value and it allows this alliance to provide clients a full service that has never been on the market in one offering before.”

Jonathan Brown, Senior Managing Director and UK leader of Ankura’s Risk Forensics & Compliance Practice, said, “Ankura has teamed up with Analytics FC to offer investors in football a more sophisticated acquisition service from pre-investment due diligence through to integrated planning for post-acquisition operations. We have integrated sporting, financial, and regulatory compliance considerations into one package which clients can take as an end-to-end service or use aspects to supplement their own capabilities. These are exciting times in football and our joint offering will provide clients in the increasingly complex world of club acquisition with a 360 degree, start-to-finish service.”

Analytics FC also teamed up with Ankura to record a special podcast on the subject. You can find it here.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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