Analytics FC in the Media: Providing Innovative, Expert Insights to Viaplay

Analytics FC were delighted to provide analytical support to Viaplay Poland for their recent European football show. Introducing our Coach ID service to viewers in Poland, Head of Content Alex Stewart explained how and why such coaching data was used in a variety of contexts: to discern head coaching tactical styles, align club strategy, and effect meaningful transfer business.

Alex then talked Viaplay’s commentator and analyst Michal Zachodny through the coaching wheels of two coaches of Polish clubs doing well in Europe, Raków Czestochowa’s Dawid Szwarga and Legia Warszawa’s Kosta Runjaic.

Michal was then able to use this information, and the Coach ID style wheels themselves, in the studio for further conversation and analysis. This helped Viaplay to produce content that captured the attention of their viewers with something not seen before on Polish television, while also providing valuable insights into the coaching under discussion. 


Images from Viaplay

You can see more of the segment here. Our service was able to generate a number of quality outputs for Viaplay and show how Legia’s Runjaic and Raków’s Szwarga had consistently delivered a particular style of play and tactical principles, effectively communicating key messages about the coaches and engaging viewers with never-before-seen content.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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