Maram AlBaharna Joins Analytics FC

Analytics FC are pleased to announce that Maram AlBaharna has joined the company as Senior Player Analyst and Data Consultant.

Melding together analytic expertise with a keen eye for visualisation, Maram has quickly become an invaluable part of our team, especially as we have started to become inundated with requests for bespoke player analyses in the wake of our work with Kevin De Bruyne during his recent contract negotiations with Manchester City.

By bringing together two distinct areas within the data analytics sphere—football and business—we’re able to achieve a great depth of market assessment, presenting players and clubs with a much clearer picture of their investment potential. This has moved us to the forefront of an entirely new strand within the analytics industry, as we help players and clubs negotiate their way to more satisfactory contracts.

Maram, who recently finished a degree in Economics at the University of London and the London School of Economics, made a name for herself with her public-facing analysis that appears on Twitter under the moniker @maramperninety.

“It is not just her capacity to analyse and manipulate data that is so important to us,” said Jeremy Steele, the CEO of Analytics FC. “It’s also her ability to present that data in a manner that is easy for non-data specialists to digest that makes her invaluable to what we are doing at Analytics FC. The industry is always evolving and the ability for us to bring in the next generation of data analysts—people like Maram—allows us to stay ahead of the curve.”

“I’m very excited to join Analytics FC,” Maram said. “Starting out in football analytics, the dream is to one day work with professional players and clubs. Analytics FC has granted me this amazing opportunity. I look forward to contributing my analytical skillset in these exciting projects”

Analytics FC provides software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking. We provide cutting-edge software solutions such as TransferLab, which helps improve and simplify recruitment decisions. To find out more about TransferLab and our other data services, or to find out more about us, visit our website.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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