TransferLab V2 Launch

We recognise these are difficult times. Clubs will need to quickly adjust and prepare for the future. After much deliberation, we are proceeding with our TransferLab V2 launch. We will be flexible with trials and payment schedules during this uncertain period.

We’re delighted to release Version 2 of our flagship player recruitment tool, TransferLab, developed in partnership with LCP. The update is the result of a comprehensive review based on customer feedback, feature requests, and internal design discussions.

Revamped Design & User Experience

The first thing users will notice is that we have completely re-skinned TransferLab in a more modern look (including a new logo!) that we feel is befitting of a pioneering software product in 2020:

Beyond the obvious colour scheme change, we have focused on the most common user journeys within the tool and improved these. This includes redesigned player tiles, profiles, visualisations, and an improved lay-out. 

The player profile in particular has vastly improved, with a new type of metric visualisation, positional usage map, and heat map to complement biographical and market value information. Users can easily share this profile with a new “screenshot” button, making it easier than ever to share a player’s output with colleagues.

Player comparison has also been tweaked to include the new visualisations in an overall cleaner format. 

There’s other behind the scenes improvements too, including improved filter defaults,and  improved loading times within the tool. We believe that the redesign results in a drastically improved user experience, which will save you even more time when building profiles and analysing players.

Quick & Advanced Mode

We’re aware that TransferLab includes a lot of functionality, and that different users require different levels of complexity. For this reason, we’ve included a “Quick Mode” in the tool that allows users to experience the main benefits of TransferLab through our default positional profiles.

Time Machine Mode

A piece of feedback we repeatedly received from customers is that it was frustrating to see a player’s current club when looking at seasons in the past, e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo being at Juventus when looking at the 2017/18 season. Our new “Time Machine” feature fixes this, allowing users to view player rankings with information from the season in question.

League Adjustment Improvements

We’ve made improvements to our league strength modelling that less harshly affect players in lower quality competitions. Users may see some discrepancy between player metrics from before the update. We’ve analysed the effects of the change and it is fairly minimal for most players, with the best players in worse competitions looking better now. For more information about the model changes made, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Best League XI

We’ve also improved one of our most used features, Best League XIs respective to your positional profiles. Users can now choose to see up to 3 players in each position, and have improved filters and screenshot options. Additionally, we’ve added “Last Week” as a new time-frame, making it easier than ever to keep track of the best players in any given league.


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