ProEleven Football Management partner with Analytics FC

London, April 2019 – Analytics FC are pleased to announce a new partnership with ProEleven Football Management. The collaboration consists of a comprehensive deal which will see them use Analytics FC’s cutting-edge data scouting platform, TransferLab, to track players in over sixty competitions globally.

ProEleven are one of the largest and most important football management agencies in Europe. Based in Lisbon, they represent some of the biggest names in Europe — both managers and players, including some names familiar to English Premier League fans with current Manchester United defender, Diogo Dalot and Everton Manager Marco Silva as well as former Chelsea and Spurs Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas.

In a recent interview with our data partners at Wyscout, João Bastos, ProEleven’s Data Scientist made clear the importance ProEleven place in data analytics: “Nowadays, using data is fundamental and ProEleven makes no exception”, he said. “In the last years we made a huge step ahead in integrating stats within our daily work and today we use them in many different ways. Firstly, we use them to monitor the performances of our players, sharing reports with them about their games and their numbers, always put into the right perspective. We also use statistics with our clients that ask us for a specific player, using them to find the ideal profiles and to compare them with other players of the league where the clubs play in. That’s why we also make predictive analysis, with the goal to statistically anticipate how a player will improve in a new league, and how he will fit in it.”

Analytics FC provides software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking. We provide cutting-edge software solutions such as TransferLab, which helps improve and simplify recruitment decisions. To find out more about TransferLab and our other data services, or to find out more about us, visit our website.