Analytics FC CEO lends weight to Association of Professional Football Analysis

Analytics FC CEO Jeremy Steele has joined the advisory board of the newly launched Association of Professional Football Analysis. The APFA has been formed to improve the quality and understanding of football analysis globally, and to represent and give a stronger voice to analysts within the industry.

Analytics FC CEO Jeremy Steele said, “I am delighted to be supporting the formation of the Association of Professional Football Analysis. It’s going to be a crucially important organisation, led by the ever impressive Oliver Gage.

As part of the advisory board, I’ll be providing support, advice, and utilising my industry connections to help APFA grow its reach and influence.”

Oliver Gage, who is spearheading the new organisation, said, “The football analysis industry has arguably the largest number of stakeholders in football. From tactical, data to video analysis, there’s a lack of definition around roles and what defines them. We aim to help provide clarity on this via education while also offering support to those who are currently employed in football and those who wish to be.

We are delighted to have someone of Jeremy’s experience on board to advise and assist us as we look to improve this major part of the football industry.”

You can find AFPA on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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