Lillestrøm SK Signs Up With Analytics FC

Analytics FC are delighted to announce that Lillestrøm SK are signing up to our suite of market-leading services.

After a strong start to the season, Lillestrøm currently sit in second place Eliteserien, Norway’s top division. They have been Norwegian League champions five times, but have not won it since 1989.

With the help of our TransferLab and Virtual Scout services, Lillestrøm will try to break that 23 year record through the smart use of data in their recruitment processes.

Lillestrom’s sporting director, Simon Mesfin, is confident that working with Analytics FC can make a difference. “As a sporting director, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve the workflow in our recruitment processes. We do this by utilising as much information as we can from a variety of sources to be able to make the best decisions. With their expertise in this area, Analytics FC can help us going forward.”

Jeremy Steele, the CEO and founder of Analytics FC, is also excited about the chance to work with Lillestrøm. “We’re thrilled to welcome our first Norwegian club to Analytics FC! The scope of the information that we can provide at Analytics FC can open up markets for a club like Lillestrøm, allowing them to shop more broadly than they might otherwise. By tapping into Analytics FC’s data insights, hopefully we can help Lillestrøm challenge at the top of table for some time to come.”

TransferLab uses event data from over 100 men’s and 20 women’s leagues from around the world covering around 100,000 male and 20,000 female players. It uses advanced analytics to assess each player’s past performance and help predict their future performance. The TransferLab Player Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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