Analytics FC and Adria Football Institute Start New Collaboration

Analytics FC are pleased to announce a collaboration with Adria Football Institute which will bring both parties closer together.

The collaboration will see Analytics FC knowledge sharing around data analytics in football and participating in Adria’s Football Insitute’s teaching and professional development programmes.

Analytics FC has grown into an industry-leader within football analytics, supplying powerful data-driven services to support clients in achieving their strategic goals and empowering the biggest players, clubs, federations, and agencies in world football. With experience of working with clients across the globe including Champions League and Premier League winners, Analytics FC has a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise.

This knowledge and experience will be shared alongside Adria Football Institute, who are internationally known for their track record in football educational programs, especially in the Balkan region. The Institute plays a key role in helping develop and educate the analyst of tomorrow.

Within the collaboration, both parties will work together on topics such as integrating data analytics to educational programs, delivering guest lectures by domain experts, and much more.

Jeremy Steele, CEO and Co-founder at Analytics FC: “We’re extremely pleased to enter into a partnership with the Adria Football Institute. For Analytics FC it is great to bring added value to a leading football academic institute by exchanging knowledge around applied data analytics in football.”

Dejan Gavrilovic, CEO at Adria Football Institute: “We are excited to have signed this collaboration agreement with Analytics FC for the transfer of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities for our student analyst community. We are excited to support our student’s with this type of expertise and also access to some of the best data and tools on the market to aid their learning and education.”

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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