Who Are the Best Up and Coming Coaches in Europe?

This week, Analytics FC made it into the Daily Mail in a piece analysing the best young coaches emerging in Europe.

In the article, our CEO and founder Jeremy Steele was cited as saying “Premier League teams and Championship clubs go for the same candidates. It is the same managerial merry-go-round. It is the same people who keep coming back. The reason is there is not enough information for clubs to take a chance on someone in another league.

“But there is loads of good coaching talent.”

The piece then goes on to assess eight managers who were highlighted by the analysts who work on our Coach ID service.

“These names are really interesting,” continues Steele. “Why would you not go for Gasperini? Atalanta are now a stalwart of Champions League football.

“It is for clubs to change their approach slightly and say this is where the talent is when it comes to coaches. It is a solid list of coaches who could coach at Premier League level.

“If you continue not to explore the market, not look at coaches who are talented and give them the chance at the top level then that pool of coaches will shrink and shrink.”

You can read the full article here.

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