Spanish Language Version of TransferLab goes Live!

We are pleased to announce the exciting news that the Spanish Language version of our TransferLab data-scouting platform is live!

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and is native to more than 20 countries. Importantly some of those countries are considered to be among the biggest and best footballing nations in the world. So it was only natural that we should support our current Spanish speaking clients and attract more to our market leading platforms.

TransferLab is a data-scouting software platform that goes beyond the raw numbers. Feeding the data through our unique algorithm, the platform produces a host of predictive metrics which add depth and predictive power to the basic stats that are generally used within the football industry. The platform also covers both Men’s and Women’s football.

Our clients include some of the biggest players, clubs, federations and agencies in world football!

Click here to find out more about TransferLab.

At Analytics FC, we provide software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking.

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