Kevin de Bruyne and football's data revolution



  • Analytics FC were commissioned by Kevin De Bruyne and his legal team to create a study of every aspect of his contribution to Manchester City, prior to his contract renegotiation with the club. 

  • This was the first time a player had directly requested analysis of this kind to negotiate their own contract.


  • The data analysis compared De Bruyne’s output to other top talents in Europe and included both his on-field contributions and the comparative financial value of the player.

  • The findings included objective data indicating De Bruyne to be among the best in the Premier League, particularly in chance creation. In fact, De Bruyne’s output marked him out as the best in Europe using our bespoke Goal Difference Added (GDA) performance model, which considers the positive or negative impact made by every single touch by a player in any given match. 

  • The analysis also made comparisons with the salaries of other players, highlighting De Bruyne’s value compared to some of Europe’s top attacking players, who earned more than the Belgian but contributed far less in terms of GDA contribution.


  • Overall, the report provided a detailed analysis of De Bruyne’s contributions to Manchester City and demonstrated his worth to the club, leading to his new five-year, £104 million deal.

  • The pioneering nature of the analysis and the fact it was directly requested and utilised by De Bruyne himself captured the attention of the world’s media and has been a catalyst for players taking back control of their own data.

"I always make my own decisions. I like to use data and analytics to help me negotiate contracts, and I don't think you need an agent for that. I think if you have the right information and the right people around you, you can do it yourself."
Kevin de Bruyne
Manchester City & Belgium


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