Virtual Scout

Fully outsource your player scouting department. We combine advanced data and expert Scouting. All of our team have experience as club scouts. We deliver directly to your E-mail or Whatsapp with 48hr turnaround on every report. We save you time, reduce costs and provide unrivalled data-rich and in-depth player reports.

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Direct Whatsapp Communication

48hr report turnaround

Position Profiles

Scout Scores

Data Benchmark


Reports are broken down into Position Specific Profiles based on six phases of the game. Build up, Creating / Scoring, Attacking Transition, Defensive Transition, Low Block, Mid / High Press.


All our scouts have coaching or scouting experience at professional clubs. We support their expertise with a clear methodology to get the best insight on players. We also provide a standardised scoring system reflecting player performance across each game phase.


Our powerful data algorithm provides positional metrics which are benchmarked against players in the same league / tier as well comparing against your current squad’s strength and weaknesses. Reports also include “age curve” projections on future performance.


Detailed background checks are carried out by our team of experts based across the globe. We gather information on player character (on and off the pitch). Our team also use advanced tools to investigate social media, local press and gather injury history.