Smartcoach signs up to TransferLab API Connect data service

Analytics FC are delighted to announce a new partnership with Smartcoach.

The collaboration sees Smartcoach plug into Analytics FC’s TransferLab API Connect service which will allow them to fully integrate TransferLab data into their new opposition analysis platform through an easy-to-use data API feed.

In conjunction with our development partners at Lane Clark & Peacock (LCP), TransferLab API Connect service offers in-depth and comprehensive access for club analysts to integrate into BI-tools such as Tableau and Power BI, or for third-party sports and technology platforms and websites to integrate directly into their applications.

The Smartcoach platform serves as a resource to all teams in their search for an edge on match day. The platform offers interactive insights backed by video to make opposition analysis easier and faster.

“It’s great to be collaborating with Smartcoach,” said Jeremy Steele, Analytics FC’s founder and Managing Director. “As their name suggests, they are a really smart company and have built a super-interesting platform which fills a gap in the market which will save opposition analysts and scouts a lot of time and energy. Our TransferLab API Connect service powers a number of third party platforms now and we’re glad that start-ups like Smartcoach trust us to deliver high-quality data to them”.

Remi Vincent, Co-founder at Smartcoach, commented: “Our Smartcoach platform provides interactive insights backed by video to make your opposition analysis easier and faster. The Smartcoach platform primarily focuses on team-level analysis but researching opposition players is an important part of a team’s preparation. To be able to plug-in so easily to the TransferLab API and provide our clients with player level analytics which is already trusted by some of the biggest clubs in the world just adds another dimension to our platform”.

Analytics FC provides software and data services to entities within football looking to realise the gains possible from analytical thinking. We provide cutting-edge software solutions such as TransferLab, which helps improve and simplify recruitment decisions. To find out more about TransferLab and our other data services, or to find out more about us, visit our website.