Announcement 01/07/2016



It is with great sadness that Analytics FC announce the departure of Tom Worville, Ben Torvaney, and Sam Gregory. We wish Ben, Tom and Sam all the best for the future. Analytics FC started as a blog and has now built itself into a legitimate business, and it is one that will continue to grow from strength to strength.

The company has dual aims: to inspire and promote the use of analytics in football through its media arm, and to provide these services professionally on its consultancy side. Analytics FC has been busy behind the scenes preparing new and innovative products, blog posts and articles. With this in mind we are delighted to announce an official partnership between Analytics FC and Stratagem Technologies Ltd, whose StrataData we will use to continue providing regular and insightful content.

The podcast, too, will continue with some exciting guests lined up. Sam and Tom have graciously passed the metaphorical microphone on to our Director of Analysis, Bobby Gardiner, and we will endeavour to build upon the fantastic platform that they have created.

Last of all, we are pleased to be able to announce Jeremy Steele as the Company’s new Managing Director. Jeremy brings with him a wealth of experience within the Football Industry including coaching and scouting roles at Chelsea, West Ham, Stoke City, Portsmouth and Brentford as well as working in Football Consultancy with industry leaders such as Double PASS Ltd who provide specialist Club and Talent Development services to the Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS and J-League amongst others.

In short, the future is bright for football analytics, and Analytics FC wants to be at the heart of that.


Analytics FC is a football analytics consultancy, blog and podcast aiming to deliver advice and solutions to clubs, federations and agencies as well as media outlets. We tailor services specifically to their needs and objectives to help them find a competitive edge. We provide clients with pure data analysis, data visualisations, recruitment services, tactical analysis, opposition analysis and other bespoke services to help drive success through exploiting inefficiencies and guiding better strategic decision making.

Contact us for information on how Analytics FC can help you –

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